GREG CLIFFORD @ The Fluffy Noise

GC2Having a large part of last year in Berlin tonight’s show from Greg Clifford showcased some of the new material he wrote while over there. He was also joined tonight with a full band behind him and it made a big difference to how we have seen his sets before. ‘The Weight Of Living’ benefits from it being more than a solo affair. The arrangement duly collects to bring a steady flow forth and that allows the pace to smartly check in. There is a commanding degree of confidence from everyone here which makes it sound the part. The bridge brings it full circle with a highly referential turn picked up from how detailed a showing it is collectively. One of two new songs on the night was ‘Smokescreens’. Again it has a smart degree of opportune about it. The arrangement appreciates this. In that approach the development catches the inspiration behind it all with the lyrics favourably mirroring the consistency found throughout.

GC3Tailoring the arrangement to suit the full band gives ‘Looking out For Number One’ a balanced showing that accounts for a great deal. How well this then leads on in is another well worked trait that finds inspiration where it looks for it. The gradual calling found in the lyrics is able to assist the patient way it all builds. In doing so the scope of what comes to pass holds up. Calling upon an impeccably neat intro is ‘Another Day’. Hints of an Ocean Colour Scene influence abound here. The layering of the music accommodates the casual fervour to add distinction in the right way. This gives it a somewhat milder calling that adds suitably to the dynamics on show. The later progression, and shared harmonies, really adds up. The totality in that regard is what brings it full circled with a noted precision. Beginning with a somewhat casual demeanour and coasting along on the rhythm makes ‘It’s Too Late’ incredibly attractive. There is a noted presence about the performance here. The way it plays out retains the compact qualities. Doing so allows the urgent calling that subsides do so in a noted way and give it an edge at the same time. It is very much the real deal. How the hardened aspects are shouldered are doles out in a way that give as good as they take.

Due to time constraints we didn’t get to see Free Sunshine Acid perform in full but from what we saw of them they very much showed why they were the headline act this evening.


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