THE MONO LPS – ‘Emilia’

Another fine Liverpool band who have been on our radar for a considerable time have again come up with the goods here. The standard of playing on this reflects what this band are all about, but the direction of the video seems to have an underlying edge to it that suits the way it sounds. Things are bossed in a way that hints at a high degree of presence which neatly resides throughout everything here and adds a lot to the mix. But there is an underplayed quality to it here which allows the music do the talking. Another interesting thing that the direction offers up is the central character. She can be considered an antagonist or an antihero in equal measure just as much as she can be a tragic figure beset by circumstance. Such is the interesting manner to how everything plays out that the multi-layered level of interpretation makes for an additional point of discussion away from the music.

For more cutting edge music check out the latest issue of Unsigned & Independent


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