SUBCULTURE – ‘Paul Newman’

The solid sense of hip hits you from the off with this tune. the sublime guitar riff is a fine piece of instrumental work that shakes things up in a noted way. The high end feel of the music comes to pass in a finite way that cuts straight to the chase. In the energetic pomp of the delivery there is an engaging feel to the rhythm which is commendably tracked. That allows the comfortable deliberation of everything to reason out in a terrific way. You pick up on the impressive level of confidence backing it all up- the relative ease of the vocals add a dashing sense of charisma to proceedings that carefully construct everything in a Robert Smith like fashion but with all of the innate purity that The Cure were capable of delivering. Here is a tune with a formidable level of impact, but above all else, you sense that everything on show here is there by design.

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