U&I Radio – April 16th

This is the U&I Radio daily playlist.
Today’s selections are:

  1. CRUSHES – ‘I Miss You’
  2. DRINKING FLOWERS – ‘Pop Underground’
  3. TELL NO FOXX – ‘Dust’
  4. URSO POLAR – ‘It’s Official I Hate Ramsgate’
  5. THE LOVING – ‘Love, The Only Power’
  6. TEENAGE MANAGER – ‘Lift Me Up’
  7. THE VIOLET TRAILS – ‘Voyage’
  8. SAMANTHA URBANI – ‘1 2 3 4’
  9. BALLET – ‘Claim Your Space Then Chill’
  10. SHARKMUFFIN – ‘Sleeping Alone’
  11. COMASUMMER –‘Out Of The Sun’

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