THE LEVEL HEADS @ The Fluffy Noise

The Level Heads 1We have seen this band perform before at Dimestore Recordings and it was good to see them play again. The impressive presence that they have about them as a live band marks them out as one to check out for all the right reasons. That assessment was confirmed by how they developed a sense of urgency to their opening track ‘The New One’. The off the hook calling in the tempo adds a lean sense of charm as much as it does a signal of intent. With how that all adds deliberation here – even the exchange of vocals implore it with lift- there is a solid sense of employment to everything on all fronts. They then continue with the good show of pull in the rhythm on ‘Wake Up The Waves’. This is what marks it out as a rather attractive tune and the steady attributes also leave their mark. There is a necessity about the vocals here as they are eased through and that also applies to the penchant in the tempo that is cleverly stowed away. Blessed with multiple meanings is ‘Blind Reggie’ and the scatty rhythm helps it to mature. There is a darker calling here that is systematic to the texture. But an absorbing sense of confidence also collects here. With the lay calling in the breakdown there is also a display of smarts as it comfortably picks up.

The Level Heads 2Then they maintain that full on momentum with ‘City Life’. It is again something that brims with charm and is catchy for all the right reasons. But here there is a lot that works in so many ways that it avoids any of the trappings of monotony. They bring their ‘A’ game to the mix with the nou disco beat that catches everything just right on ‘Come Around’. This has single potential. It very sharply fills out and that explicit touch is what gives it shape. The handling controls how it is fronted in a deliberate fashion but it progresses to become a more refined tune with a serious level of imagination on show in how it all works. That maturity helps keep it on course before the simplicity of the pick up on their closing track ‘Simplicity’ notably has its say. This also gives off a quaint showing that has the fashionable poise to match. It boxes clever with the mechanics very much calling the shots in a way that adds old school charm. This in turn romanticises the essence of the delivery in a deserved way also.

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