The Bonzai PipelineOur last band was The Bonzai Pipeline. Their first song on the night was radiate and this displayed a 60’s countenance about it all that added texture to the rhythm. It is a feature that was to become a specific one to their sound and how it all moves through the tempo. It draws some slight comparison with the early work of The Shadows for the ornate instrumentalism that is called upon. From the quite cool sounding opening we get ‘Larry Burns’ and it is a track that keeps shape quite well. A slight hint of New Order comes to pass because the tone here is rather selective. Yet this is something that corners the presence as everything comes together in the running. While ‘Shiny Is The New Black’ is drawn out in a way the surge in the tempo fittingly moves it along. It then becomes a track of two halves with the secondary calling giving it what it needs as it all takes off with a phenomenal degree of prowess. That gives it a sense of purpose and moves it along with a proven sense of deliberation that is fantastic here.

As the band languishes in the psychedelic in a most forthright way on ‘Ready Play On One’ everything is favourably felt. The commendable allure aside, there is a clever richness necessitating in how it is all cleverly motioned. That spacious coasting comes off in the rhythm in a highly effective way. They again get the most out of the tidy showing in their ability with ‘Homegrown’. The opening seems to hold everything together before the steady movement of the pace sees it all smartly clock in. There is a drop in the pace but it picks back up as everything closes which works tremendously well here. From watching their set they do have a sense of knowing how to add balance to their music. That shows in the weighted calling of ‘K Cube’ and pitches a reverence in the sound that comes through rather precisely. There is also something to admire from how the vocals give it cold comfort. They sit well with the drifting qualities on show and conclusively do so. ‘2/3 Ain’t Bad’ was their last tune. How they pitch this seems content to stow a low level of brevity away in the performance. As such it handsomely locks down the pace and in how they know when to hold off it adds a two-fold layering to the way it is processed. That sees them go full on when required in an equally noted way. Not a bad set overall it must be said.

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