BISHOP @ The Fluffy Noise

Bishop 4This was a rather brief set from this band as it was also their first ever gig. That fact being overlooked, their brief set comprised three originals and one cover. While you can’t carefully assess too much from that showing or read into what they are about based on just three songs they did display enough to suggest that they could be one to watch. Off the back of the patient calling they opened proceedings with ‘Riverside Monarchy’. What this has going for it that impresses highly is how there is a noted sense of body to the arrangement that sees the sound become a well formed state of affairs. With the virtue of the delivery everything really falls into place quite comfortably. That is also applicable to their version of James Bay’s ‘Scars’. But this band generates something rather becoming with their third track ‘Nowhere’. That showing is well considered alongside the submerged context of the texture. The rhythm itself is also something that is motioned through in a committed way. There is a degree of range to the playing that suggests a lot is to come from this band while there is a formidable vocal showing that is also deserving of a mention. They closed things with ‘Tunnel’. Here there is a precision at work that is neatly expelled. That opens it up to the intricacy and the shared vocals are an agreeable trait kept in tandem quite resolutely. It powers along in the later progression. It is an impressive number and for a debut gig they made good worth of their time on stage here tonight.

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