THE WITCH TRIALS @ Dimestore Recordings

twt3We caught two bands after Gigonometry tonight and the first was The Witch Trials. Having recently seen Cult Called Man play we didn’t review their set here tonight but it was an outstanding show from them. But back to this rather interesting four piece who are carving out a reputation as one of the hardest working bands on the Dublin music scene at the moment, but they are also a band that are firmly in demand. Getting things going tonight was ‘Virginia’. With the sedate lustre that holds in the rhythm there is an empowering allure given to the delivery. That settles in and the smooth calling is smartly projected with a proven sense of musicianship. There is a neat funky touch added from the saxophone and bass hooks which play in smartly. They quickened the pick-up with the saxophone adding the sexy to the charged up pace. How this cuts to the chase shows and exact sense of intent. The pace has a precision to it which inventively heightens the appeal. The way that the flow comes to pass is impressive while the reggae/ska overture dropped on the bridge enriches it further.

TWT2An incidental fact: Alice In Wonderland is 150 years old this year. That wonderful fact was shared before they launched into the rather smooth affair that is ‘Wonderland’. The beat is trapped in a way that grasps the chic comparatively. The amorous expression in the delivery, coupled with how it clocks in smartly, brings a wonderfully trip flair through. Then there is the Carnivalé like calling of the bridge which also lights it up.Another brand new song followed, and got its first live play, which was ‘Your Ghosts’. There is a caressing of the intro which is readied off the back off it all in a very exact way. That sees the hard aspects get the best out of the tune. Initially it shoots the breeze but on closer inspection it shows otherwise in the high attention to detail that is displayed in the classy touches. A cover of The Beatles classic ‘Norwegian Wood’ was followed up by ‘Long Drive’. The strength of depth shows from the clever way that this is led in. The residual jive that plays its part here imparts a thorough calling that adds a confirmed hold to the delivery. This is eased through in a way that is very easy on the ear it must be said.

TWT1Another new track that they have is ‘Darkness. On this one the saxophone and bass prove to be a formidable combination. This is all backed up by the drumming that holds firm in the running. That puts a tempered show about it all that plays well with the sublime caress of the delivery that also shows a heightened level of appreciation behind the music. Then their sound captures something of a vacant calling with ‘Soda Pop’. The way it slowly draws you in rises in a truly descriptive way that is brokered cleverly to give an attainable feel about it all as it comes to pass. But there is order about it. Their last track here tonight was ‘Cerberus’. The solemn calling builds the track pensively which then takes off handsomely in a way that merits recognition. The considered showing that comes off the playing combines well with the descriptive touches in a lively way. But there is also something timeless in the 60’s spirit of the tune which works wonderfully in the psychedelic touches on show.


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