The North Sea @ Gigonometry

TNS3Back when this band started in 2010 we caught them live. Even though they were only starting off there was nothing rough around the edges. Tonight that were rightly headlining everything at Gigonometry’s first birthday party and they got it all underway with ‘Against The Ropes’. This is an incredibly well tracked song and the malevolent feel brandished in the tempo expertly pulls you in. There is also a considerable degree of worth found in the lyrics that sees it all come into its own. That clever temperament about the delivery also sees their indie calling considered in an equally superb fashion. Another formidable tune followed with ‘December’. What hits right here is the way that guitar and drumming combo show through. It is a rather tidy affair and the ensuing skip in the tempo is also well checked. They show what they have got with ‘All This For Nothing’. What is granted from the solitary guitar riff that opens it is a raw calling. The sullen slide to the rhythm then carries it through with another point of note picked up on from the reserved feel of the vocals. In a way it coasts along by a somewhat casual demeanour that denotes a clever calculation as it all expertly comes around.

TNS 2You are under no illusion as to just how this band is on account of how convincing ‘Vulnerable’ is. This brings a wonderful and colourful feel to the mix that raises an already considerable game. It is noted more from how the volume of the track carries it all through. While there is a lot to be said for the sublime way it is all pressed ahead. An untitled track that is provisionally titled ‘New Song’ followed. It does come together freely but there is a hard showing about it also. The drop in the rhythm also seeing it through tides it all over in the neat and steady way that it proceeds to pick up. How invested they are in their music as a band shows here. It is certainly a facet that is well traded on and it is a song that the performance also grows gradually in to. They give off a more relaxed vibe with ‘Flaws’ but again there is a considerable appeal confirmed by how the stationary feel manages to hold your gaze. It is an appreciated showing that helps to open it all out. This is an effort that is brimming with an exuberance that comes to the fore. What holds it in place is a splendid degree of accuracy that shows how tight they are as a band.

TNS 1The first of two single releases in a row came next with ‘Drinking Alone’. One of the things that it shows is a noted degree of maturity. The emotion of the lyrics seasons it with a poetic sense of reasoning. Another acute calling is picked up from the pensive flow of the rhythm that confirms the excellent standard to it all. The second single was ‘In Love’ and it is a fully formed track that shows from the marked departure on show with the noted urgency and determination called upon. This is reflected in equal measure in both the tracking and the live showing. The harmonised vocals also cut straight to the chase. A noir also blankets the way it sounds and, alongside the apparent weight of the delivery, it is all carefully balanced. Their final song here was ‘Decay’. Even after five years it still holds up. If a song could display a cinemascope of concrete and the urban it would sound like this. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you hear that glorious opening ruff. How it clock in is nothing short of excellent. How well it is crafted brings a Joy Division comparison and this would stand against their best material and not look out of place. That is the best way of summing up how well they drive it on with the collective showing here.


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