SEGRASSO @ Gigonometry

SegrassoIntroduced by Dave as ‘Dublin’s premier shoegazer band’ they didn’t let that assessment weigh them down with any expectations. This showed immediately in the unconventional way ‘Blue Rose’ exemplifies everything that is great about this band from the tone alone. The reverb of the sound is another aspect that is taken into consideration because it gives everything a token showing that feeds into the delivery. The calling adds to the appeal here and picks up, adding a neat ‘hop’ in the vocals that suits how the texture also wraps around the running here. They cornered a piqued sharpness yet again with ‘The Fisherking’. This correlates with a heightened sense of completion.

A more demanding presence is awoken in the vocals. It adds something worthwhile from how it presides firmly over everything. That harbours a sense of the anthemic rightly as everything gets moving. The additional way that the outpouring on the bridge wonderfully works sees them go all out without skipping a beat.
Coming off the back of a clever opening is ‘Altimeter’ and this very much brings their shoegazer style to bear. That is a display that is exonerated by the vocal display. Yet the anomic texture if how it sounds enthrals. They collectively corner the urgency where and when it is needed. That is displayed in the orchestration with a noted sense of completion that sits well with the organic feel of it overall. Again they showed that there is no compromising from them with ‘One More Thing’. There is a slight deviation from their sound with this one that is highly impressive. What also works well here is the smart way the guitar flashes across on the delivery. Everything is heralded in with a great degree of confidence while the hints of indie chic are carefully stowed away. This may be a lay quality but is a formidable calling that gives it prowess. How that bears down in the delivery is a sublime calling that adds an inviting feel to it all. It also leaves you asking yourself the question ‘when is a love song not a love song’ which is down to the smart lustre of the lyrics.

The intensified calling injects life into ‘Seriously’ from the off. That then gives the apparent offbeat calling a charm all of its own and the timings are suitably impressive here. It is that fired up appeal that gets it all going in the determined fashion from how it holds hard and fast. Then they brought the curtain down with ‘Cell’. The sound here is a joyous occasion called out from the steadfast showing of the maturity that sees the tempo set it all on its way. The neat side-step attraction fronts their performance with some showmanship. But there is also a hypnotic signature that moves through and the delivery carries a crossover of New Wave meeting New Romantic sophistication. That is what gives it a progressive showing that brings it, and their set, to a close. Watching this band perform here tonight can be summed up by calling then a cool band that has bags of cool.


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