FEATURING X – ‘More Than You Can Chew’

School’s out for this band and it shows. There is a marked sense of maturity in their sound that is now apparent. The identity of their rock style is also present on this one but there is a neat sense of the underrated about that is richly brought through in the play. It is also incredibly well constructed with the ornate flow of the rhythm sitting upon it neatly. Although the raw side of their style that was once present (‘The Boat’ et al) is not necessarily here this time around it is also a good thing. That the band are daring to branch out and move their music forward shows in the broader sensibility on show here. It is in how this track is approached that what they are attempting to pull off works in an incredibly classy way. When it takes flight you do sit up and take note, which counts for a great deal here in all the right ways.

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