BEWARE OF YOU @ Gigonometry

boy 2Due to some traffic delays we missed the start of this band’s set but we did catch them midway through a cover of ‘Underdog’ by You Me At Six which was very much on the money. This immediately caught our attention and we also picked up on the noted sense of presence that this Electric Picnic bound band have when they play. They continue with that rich vein of form with how ‘All Of You’ gets moving. There is an edge to the underground styling that is touched upon that heavily leans into the tempo. What that adds is a noted sense of forward orientation that bounces off the good calling of the lyrics, which is cleverly caught in the right way.

BOY 4Again they show that they can do covers justice with how they drive on No Doubt’s ‘I’m Just A Girl’ which adds the right balance of verve and drive to the live showing. Then things developed in a more interesting manner with ‘Losing Game’. The casual aspects on show are brought to account. In turn this adds a fine turn to the harder call of the play to allow the compact showing find form. When it peels back things are invigorated furthermore but it the choppy drop down that is worked into the rhythm here that adds the necessary solid footing it needs. They then followed that up with another fine effort that is easy to get behind called ‘I Can’t Explain’. The telling features here show in the arrangement. This adds a positive charge to the rhythm of the play which brings it forward with a consummate concentration that gauges the closer moments extremely well here. To close out they produced something with a finite Riot Grrl calling with ‘I’m Done’. That comparison is explicit and the running cleanly objectifies this. In how it feeds off the rhythm they corner the pace in a good way. What also plays its part here is found in the gradual hooks. What they add brings a confidence which cleverly surges through from the off and furthermore as they sweetly lay it all on thick and fast. If you are going to go out you might as well go out all guns blazing and that is what they did here.


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