WHITETRASH @ ‘Lostman’ EP launch

Whitetrash 1We have reviewed the ‘Lostman’ EP in the March issue of Unsigned And Independent and tonight was all about the band giving it the launch it deserved here at The Grand Social. You could also sense that this was a night were they were up for it. As things got going that was an assessment that was confirmed with ‘Carved Out Of Horse’. It is a big opening number in its own right and it sets out their stall (no pun intended) in the right way. The off-the-hook consistency to it hits hard and fast. That paces the number tellingly but also backs it up with the right amount of style that matches the substance displayed in the showmanship that keeps it directly lean. Now the band was in their pomp and that was confirmed by the passive calling of ‘Running Down The Mountain’. It is a strong calling that galvanises everything here in the right way. It finds its feet and sees a fine run of form as the frenzied calling keeps the active side incredibly fluid. They again worked the crowd with third track ‘Release Me’. This is another big draw. The enduring strength to it all adds a tremendous kick to the tempo, while the hard calling in the vocals also pays some serious dues along the way.

Whitetrash 2As the piano arrangement carefully brings it together you note sufficient way that stock has been taken in how ‘Galatee Mountains’ comes to pass. There is a telling sense of poise in the delivery which affirms everything. That is reflected from the manner in how the lyrics capture the depth so evenly. There is also something of note to the barren calling that is not shied away from either, which is heightened by some seriously impressive guitar work on the bridge. Before he played ‘Lost Man’ there was a quote that confirmed how much authority the band had at their command. As Conor said ‘gonna do a slow one so deal with that’ you could sense that they knew they were calling the shots. As to the delivery they held everything together in a way that showed. From the sombre calling they excellently considered what was need to make that approach work, while the seasoned aspects were also contended with in an equally deserving fashion. There is also the sincerity of the performance here that shows the synchronicity that they have as a band is not just about chemistry but also about something kindred.
With its murder ballad feel that drops the tone you pick up on the maturity that the band has to offer. That is what lays the proverbial heart on the line with ‘Grave Robbing Man’. It is a telling affair and the muscle abounds on it in a considered way that steals a march in the right way. After that the latent calling of ‘Devil’s Chain’ fittingly mirrors its predecessor with the way it is tastefully considered. The Americana flavouring here is what gives it a calling. How it picks up carries forth something truly exciting and it falls into place in the showing.

Whitetrash 3That in turn condenses the energy of the running with a high degree of musicianship that appreciated the art of playing. You sense that in the excellent level of construction that the arrangement as a whole embraces.
Playing something rich in endeavour gave ‘Tramp’ a calling. This calling then resides in the catchy way that the tempo presses ahead. With the delightful way it traipses through there is also an incredible level of confidence on show. However, as a side note, the rhythm here also has a cool flavour about it that is neatly carried across. To show that they owned the stage came ‘Tax Man’. They certainly paid their dues here and watching as a metal bin was used to pound out the rhythm really drew everyone’s attention. The way that the manic energy was concentrated here had the audience eating out of their hand. It was also their swansong and they certainly underlined the old adage of saving the best ‘til last with this one. But the band wanted one more tune. They were baying for blood and they were rewarded with an encore. The one for the road here was ‘One Whiskey More’ and it is a rich blues affair. Yet there is a boisterous showing about it in equal measure that adds up. The intent also confirmed the ability that they have collectively. It is a fraught affair that saw them go out with all guns blazing. While it is a determined effort there is also something rather fanciful to it all that gets beneath the playing as it takes flight. But done in a way that left the audience wanting more…as a good band should do.

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