FIACH – ‘Revolution’

With the use of stock footage and newspaper headlnes there is an agenda to the video that gets so much right. There is no avoiding the relevance of a song in the modern climate, especially in Ireland, that resonates with people. Albeit that the opposite is happening to what the chorus says. How and ever, when you look past that and take note of the footage that is being presented you get the message. It is the later progression that shows the irony is intentional, with people like Gandhi and John Lennon being included in the footage, that displays what it is all about. That is not accepting what is in the news as truth. What is likeable about this tune is the the message is conveyed in a manner that isn’t too overt. In the subtleties, alongside the charming meander of the tempo, everything comes together and holds in the affirmative. It is a great tune from start to finish.

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