POPGUN WARFARE @ The Fluffy Noise

Popgun WarfareA Monday evening in Dublin spent looking at new music in The Mezz at The Fluffy Noise is always going to be the perfect tonic to banish the proverbial blues. Our travels this evening took us into the city centre and we ventured to a venue that we wouldn’t necessarily be au fait with, but that is changing now that we are writing about The Fluffy Noise. We managed to catch two out of the three acts on the line-up, the first of which was Popgun Warfare. Getting things started from them was the interestingly pitched ‘Hands Down’. It has a quantifiable presence which helps it become a catchy number. The intro alone carries a noted sense of precision, but it builds towards something steady and attractive. What confirms this is the manner with how they ease into it and the theme of ‘frenemies’ provides well for its lyrical narrative. Things then settled into a steadier groove with ‘Getting Better Now’. It is an apt title for the track because that is exactly what happens as it neatly takes hold. While it is somewhat conservative the fluidity makes it both charming and open. You sense that they are a band with a noted style to them and they follow that assessment up with a version of Lorde’s ‘Royals’ but done in a calypso style. It is an approach that enriches it thoroughly.

They then reverted back to their full on rock loyalties with ‘How Do You Sleep At Night’. Bring with it a highly developed playing style they show their intent alongside the nifty riff work from the guitar playing. The deeper call of the bass sits well here. In fact it is what pulls it through, even though they display the anger in the way it is fronted. Watching this band on stage you wonder what will happen next. There is diversity about ‘Shut Up’ which then catches aspects of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ by Token thrown in for good measure. There is a distinct feel to this, in lieu of the hybrid calling, that the light touches accentuate fully. They also carry something across in the vocal performance that shows a noted sense of belief in themselves which gives it a favourable appeal. The apparent groove of ‘Not My Circus’ deserves mention because it accommodates a detailed level of funk. The pace is also an excellent showing and well-judged. It is all helped considerably well by the committed showing from how it all works. But what stood out most from watching them here is the bearing that is found in the lyrics. Despite it being quite groovy that is something that is taken care of and helps everything gel before they closed out with an equally impressive version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rhiannon’.

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