SUBMOTION @ Saucy Sundays

SubmotionWe have to say that we were left suitably impressed by the bravado and confidence of this band. They got straight down to business with ‘A Force To Be Reckoned With’. The break down here gets behind everything and the lean calling in the rhythm underlines this. What spreads out in the showing here is highly controlled. The catchy hooks then carefully merge with the vocals in a tantalising and forthright way that gives everything the thorough showing it deserves. Their single ‘Dust-To-Dust’ came next. With how it pays its dues there is a lot to be said for the sensibilities on show. They come together with an organised structure to it all. That is then followed through impressively, while the hardened virtue deadens the sound just right to bring the confidence through and track the play deliberately. Announcing the vocals in a big way is ‘We Won’t Drown’ and this is what moves it along. There is an impact about the musical side which traps everything expertly. Subtle showings of sophistication in the handling expertly see them raise their game here.

They then slow things down with ‘Time’. In doing so there is a stature to how it is felt out. This is somewhat remedial but the marked departure is noted. Yet it then captures a smart turn in how the progression then kicks in. It becomes a full on rock affair and the chorus also excels. The morosity is again ever present with ‘Turn The Lights Out’. That traipsed quality in the delivery carries the weight of the delivery in a specific way that then deliberates with subtlety in the breakdown. You also sense that there is a personal affair here with the vocals which endears more so with the full formation of the pick-up. They then gave a first live showing to ‘Haunt Me’. This hits you from the off as it comes alive. You sense that there is a belief about the band here and it is backed up on all fronts. The guitar work also more than holds its own here. The quickened feel of their closing song ‘The Storm’ allows things to get moving in the right way from the off. There is a secure hold in how it does so and the bass hook that drives it on makes you sit up and take note. How it moves has a conclusiveness that shows in a rich way.

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