SIOBHAN WILSON @ Saucy Sundays

Siobhan WilsonIt was our first time to see this Glaswegian artist who was touring Ireland in support of Idlewild so having her play here this evening was a privilege indeed. There is a prevailing goodness to her opening track ‘Dear God’ which qualifies the intricacies of her vocal range in an excellent way, the deftness of touch presented allows the precious qualities in the content merge with their counterparts in her performance. This all adds a pursed notoriety that evenly caresses all of the song’s qualities and provides it with a telling grace. She then produces another calm and collected effort with ‘Believe In Everything’. The minute details in the lyrics in the lyrics have a neat calling that is underplayed in a way that is highly suited to everything. The way that the reflections carry the open touches gives the live showing a complementary dynamic that sells you on it in a big way.

Just before ‘You Make Everything Better’ got underway there was a saving moment from Joey Sauce with the provision of a tambourine. The live showing always has one but almost went without here, yet you see the difference that it makes. The opening to this one was one that steadied the ship and the allure of her presence is what makes it what it is. How it comes together has a high hint of pragmatism about it all and this allows her ability as a songwriter come to pass in a conclusive way, with the Korg and guitar also working in tandem to excellent effect here. ‘Say It’s True’ has an ornate face value. But all of the aspects on show travel well here. The lush stature is another carefully considered application in how it is handled. The manner to how it is all framed also signals her intent immediately. Proceedings were closed with ‘All Dressed Up’. Her both the electric and acoustic guitars provide the rhythm section and in turn procure a rather robust pick-up. A forlorn sensibility presses ahead from the lyrics. That in turn brings a noted bearing to everything here and the context of the lay country style also helps keep it on track, while the approach allows that crossover feel to come to pass in a welcoming way when considered alongside her set as a whole.

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