OUR MINOR FALL @ Saucy Sundays

Our Minor FallScotland and Holland saw the international mix this week at Saucy Sundays, and Our Minor Fall were the Dutch counterparts for a fine evening of music. They have been touring Ireland as part of DNA with this being the final gig on the tour for them. It was a brief set and ‘For Ever More’ showed a high level of instrumental work before the bluegrass kick lit it all up. It doesn’t play to that as a standard and that alternative showing develops their credibility. The longing sense of the weight carefully allows it become a slick affair when it gets moving. They cleanly keep everything in check throughout their set and there is an inspired lift to be found on ‘Darlene’. How the weight is motioned through here also condenses those qualities in the figurative saunter of the rhythm. The vocals connect in a way that sees the band collectively charge through in the affirmative.

‘Find A Way Out’ has a telling parlance to it from the off. This in turn slows everything down, yet in the execution there is a finite showing that is explicitly lean. As things begin to steadily pick up you take note of the appreciated tempo all the more. This is a highly detailed affair which grows in stature, but again they rein it collectively. Their final track was ‘Darkened Horse’. The lean showing is what picks it all up tellingly. It gives everything a formidable heft that gets behind the build. It is also carried off with knowing splendour. The progressive notoriety in the moment play cuts out represents their ambition in a way that sits extremely well. It is a highly accomplished performance from the band in only four songs and that is all you can really say here.

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