WILD FEVERS – Wild Fevers

Wild FeversIf you ever wondered what the Doctor Who theme tune would sound like if it was crossed with The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s ‘Spread Your Love Like A Fever’ and played in the genre of Americana then what you will get is the opening track ‘I Wanna Motorcycle, To Chain Smoke and Ride Into The Sun’. This is very interesting and the fuzzy side of the guitar work grinds out a real result here. The sweetening of the vocals as they hang back also lights it up in an implicit way, but that is part of the charm. It is an excellent opening track all the way through. On ‘Talking The Dream’ it is a more stoic affair. The sullen way that the tempo drops down deadens the flow in a confirmed way. The indifferent vocals bask in that fervour with the lyrics also complementing it by being withdrawn. Capturing the lo-fi essence of the track in a splendid manner in all regards is ‘Like A Storm On A Sunny Day’. This is an inviting facet in all the right ways. It situates a finite calling by design and then proceeds to curtail that lean aspect toward something of an impressive stature through and through. The closing track ‘Oh, Fleur-De-Lis’ takes hold in a desirable way. Taking the title of the song literally it is a proven effort and the departure in the approach from the previous track is a welcome approach. With the affirmative way it all takes off there is a desirable sense of urgency. It is further developed with how the Americana lustre carries it all through. Here there is richness to the endeavour that the playing carefully considers and coaxes out. How it all holds up is provided for in a well-intended way that is mapped out in a slightly meticulous way.



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