THE GALACTICS – ‘The Galactics’

With ‘Stop Me’ there is a noted anthemic quality to it that really sits well. This is concentrated in a simplified way but is highly effective. Hiding behind the mechanics here is a progressive showing that the mechanics adhere to it in a fashionable way. There is a noted degree of weight to the tempo that also situates a notoriety which is called upon in a sublime way. Second track ‘Robotsong’ exudes a true tour-de-force that is confidently addressed. The telling way that this is seized upon processes the retro qualities in a graduated way. It is keenly felt with a noted sense of fluidity that gives it an identifiable sense of reach that boxes cleverly in a way that lands those punches expertly.

When it comes to ‘One Day’ there is a more mature calling to the way everything sounds. In the organic there is an underground aesthetic that makes its way through. But things have a deeper and heavier presence to them which travels through in a way that formidably develops that darker texture. It is accessible though and that is what counts. What makes that possible is the way it is evenly tracked which brings a balanced showing with the latent retro styling that the tracking then leads it towards. Hard to call the best track on this EP but ‘Humiliation’ is a certain contender. The confidence exuded just pours out. As the resonance of the tempo takes off you are captivated. This has a lean figuration to it that determines everything. A smooth essence is also present in the vocals and how everything is fixed to where it should be on this one shows the class that they have. Things close out with ‘Cocou Hibou’, which brings a hint of Gallic chic from the French lyrics. It is style meeting substance though. With how this is scored there is an affirmation of a broader awareness of development. This shows in the synthesised structures which give it all an enriched nouveau disco vibrancy that draws you in, but how it closes out catches you off guard. It is a real plus for how the anti-climaxed showing in those closing seconds is tastefully done.



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