GOLD COAST – Summer Blood

There is a sense of something being amiss with the first track here. The tempo of first track ‘Obstacles’ adheres to a capable pace yet it never breaks away from that stationary calling. There is however a hint of notoriety in the way the layering works here. The chaste quality is something that is divisive and it works as much for as it does against by clinging to that alternative direction. Then comes ‘Resistance’. Laboured shoegazer touches linger neatly here and there is an urgency that neatly comes to bear on the running. They negate the delivery with that approach and the lyrics blend into the song in a warranted way that seems to give in to the isolation that is on show. The somewhat numb reverence here goes a long way and they do develop the playing in a way that shows appreciatively. They begin to up their game with ‘Dissonant’. It is carefully constructed and the way they contain that aspect shows in the delivery. The latent resolve holds here with all the key aspects enriching it in a detailed manner that is explicitly expressed.

Tidy and brimming with a quickening pace is ‘Begin To Sink’. As things click into gear they turn a corner that displays temerity in the right sense. The fanciful way that it all holds allows them to accentuate the showing in a forthright way. It is a comfortable showing, and to be honest, shows how weak their opening track is in comparison to material like this. Penultimate track ‘Build Yourself Again’ stows away in a promising way the anthemic qualities. The commendable expression allows the anomic oeuvre on show to develop their approach here without actually feeling pretentious. There is a solid footing to be found in the play which rewards their endeavour as the emphasis on building the tune around that approach keeps it grounded but in a distinguished way. You pick up on a sense of splendour with ‘Lost’ and it is the final track. The flash of the guitar on the intro holds firmly and from there it is all built. It is an innate track and one that corners a withdrawn showing. This adds a slower bearing and weighs down the running. In some ways it undermines the good work laid down by the previous two tracks. However it does differ and that quality is what counts because it adds to the mix by its own admission.



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