THE OBJECTIVES @ Gigonometry

The ObjectivesThe second band that took to the stage here tonight at The Workman’s Club are a relatively new band. By their own confession they are still finding their feet and trying to see what defines them in terms of their sound. However, that did show in places in their set tonight but they also performed in a steady way that shows that those pieces are beginning to neatly come together. Opening with a seriously settled degree of funk is ‘Don’t Ever Look Back’. The conservatively catchy beat here and the lean vocals are an effective combination. As a result the execution feels like the real deal. The intent of the roadhouse elements resolutely hold and they then settle into the delivery. As an opener it has a lot going for it which is shown in the purpose of the dynamics. That was followed by the more charged up affair and presence of ‘Tell Me Something True’. Things keenly catch a noted sense of proficiency that comes through in the urgency of the delivery. Hat tough calling of the lyrics also provides it all with something that is expertly conclusive. Again they show that things are a work in progress with ‘Old Man’. There is however some real promise in the showing here and that is a processed quality that is neatly savoured. The easy going consistency about it is assured. With the hurried way the lateral qualities are positively engaged you see what they are attempting to do. It is a balanced affair overall that sits well with the steady and patient flow.

The Objectives 2

A song all about dusting yourself off came next with ‘Stand Tall’. How things come together reflects an earnest approach. That supple showing hangs off the rhythm in a tidy way of its own accord that vindicates the appreciation. While there isn’t necessarily anything special to what is on show it just goes about doing what it has to do and that is an industrious quality that is evident. They then move things up a gear with ‘Victim’. A persistent quality shows in the handling that invigorates the essence on show. The tight lyrics suitably expressed in the movement mean it sounds the part. There is a detailed accountability that comes through in the way it is fronted. That helps it fall into place and also give it an inspired showing in a way all of its own. Closing things out was ‘You Like That’. In the anticipation the funky side of the intro sinks its teeth in and provides it with bite. The scatty vocals don’t hang around and they direct the volume found in the background here. With how it is all pitched things are confidently done and that competence combines well with the level way things are pitched overall here.


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