CLOUD CULTURE @ Gigonometry

Cloud CultureThere is something about Dublin city on a Thursday night that sees the music scene come alive. It is almost as if the city itself becomes a creature of the night and the music is the Danse Macabre soundtrack that it rightly deserves. That supernatural quality was in the air this evening as we took in two club nights of live music and the first was Gigonometry. The first of three very high quality acts taking to the stage this evening was Cloud Culture. They are a young band whose level of artistry is in defiance to the suggestion of their youth. This was confirmed by their impressive opening number ‘Extrospective Interlude’. The procedural way that it all opens makes it a comprehensive ensemble piece in its own right. With the play there is also a noted sense of layering on show which is expressed in the fluid showing. What that brings to things is determined extensively in how it is all laid out. ‘Take The Hit’ adopts a more candid demeanour which shows in the approach. The withdrawn sensibilities of the content fit around everything in an excellent way. The rich that process is called upon allows the rich alt-rock presence to fall into place and be richly commanded from the off here. They then laid into a very comfortable version of ‘Hey You’ by The Pixies.

Cloud Culture 2

It is on their next track that things really show the potential that this band has. What spills out conveys a purity of settled essence. That is comprehensively engaging and in the nuanced pick-up everything equates well with the ethereal showing in a grand way. In how this corners an opine sophistication with the shared vocals the clever dynamics in the operation then come to the fore. A very clean showing from start to finish it must be said. As cover versions go, what they did to New Order’s ‘Ceremony’ did it justice. There was something about their performance tonight that touched on the underclass notions of the calling in an explicit way. That in turn allowed the audience to feel the play resonate in the air off the lead guitar in the way it was always intended.

Their next song ‘It Even Forms Your Sentences’ was written on a phone, and, as a result, the lyrics are all the result of predictive text. The robust qualities are communicated in a lean manner that makes good use of those extremes. It hitches everything to a noted progressive/alternative calling that is dutiful and pitched fantastically on the intro alone. The passive awning in the later lightness of touch is rather becoming as it cleverly teases out the lo-fi callings before a totally unexpected spoken word moment takes everything to a bizarre leftfield ‘had to be there moment’ that is exceptionally well done. They then engage with an embattled figuration drawn out in the live display as the demurred calling of ‘A Tendency Towards Complexity’ showers the play. This beautifully executed and the artistry captures the derelict magnifiqué on show in such a telling way that you feel a shade of ‘Ok Computer’ by Radiohead show. There is a big scope and ambition that connects and confirms the stylish texture as they close out their set with an impeccable showing of both style and substance.


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