THE CONTROVERSY – ‘Queen Of Chinatown’

This was voted our number one single of 2014 and the video is a true masterpiece in its own right. The artistic merit of the direction is found in the humanist approach that captures both the core essence of the song alongside the integrity of what is shown on film. Taking the story of a drag queen and humanising him as a character is what is at the core of the song and it retains that as the sense of identity here in a rather telling way.
With the sultry comparative of the synthesised beat running through this you see how that guides the showing. Another fitting quality is the bequeathed temperament of the vocals of Laura Vall here. In the passivity that she adds there is an additional layer of conveyance to the visual that is cleverly considered in an already superior track that revels in a splendour all of its own making. The idyllic structures that run through the rhythm here gift it a smooth transition from the off and this allows everything to be realised in a rich way by design.


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