NEW VALLEY WOLVES @ The Twisted Pepper

New Valley WolvesSeeing New Valley Wolves play live is to watch a duo that are very much on top of their game. Given that acts such as Royal Blood are in vogue at the moment it would seem that their upcoming album release has been timed quite well. From the largely alternative calling of ‘Cold Winter’ they steadied into their set. From the soothing ambience traced int he ensemble traits you note the sense of the immediate that they have about them. Then they launched into the leaner ‘Rabbit’. Seeing them set out their stall with the lean and curt attributes. Watching them play live as ‘Jessica’ bellowed out confirmed their finesse. The play itself has a high concentration of graduation in the rhythm. This is laid on generously in not just the changing playing arcs but how they add a telling sense of distinction as they pitch up. Again the execution is excellent on ‘Shake Your Bones’. You pick up on a telling ‘Joker And The Thief’ by Wolfmother vibe also. How they move with this excites in the right way because it is whipped into shape in a sharp way. How that is all carried through is equally solid and fashionable in terms of an equally solid sense of presence.

Thew=y again corner a raw and edgier appeal with the suitably titled ‘Animal’. In the current there is a lush cut to it all that runs through the current. In turn this seems to give it a vacant calling that has a lot of merit in terms of how the delivery is fronted. But the pomp is there in abundance and how it flows gifts everything a natural quality that lights it up explicitly. Commanding a slender kick from the drums is the intro which seems to draw a slight comparison with ‘Ant Music’. But it is not retro salute. Instead things pick up and show that they mean business as they get down to it all and call everything through in a forthright way. It is tantalising to say the least and clearly signals their intent. Their last number was ‘Fire In The Blood’. You pick up on anou disco texture in the beat because this is one of those edgier numbers that gets a crowd moving. It is catchy and how the style meets with the substance professes a great deal of potential right before your eyes. In the tenacity brimming away they muscle in on the delivery and bring that weight to bear in a way that truly counts.


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