LUNA LUNA @ The Twisted Pepper

Luna LunaWith an upcoming gig for Searchlight in The Button Factory on March 25th on the horizon this was a good gig to set the band on their way for that in terms of preparation. We have seen them play on occasion before and been suitably impressed by what we have seen from them as a live band. Getting it all underway from them this evening was ‘Wooden Heart’. From the very second that the churning of the guitar sets in alongside the drumming you respect what they are attempting from the combo. It is highly effective and then proceeds to smartly show as the concerted harmony then comes to pass. It signifies something of a go-go girl feel when it gets going, but when it does it surges along off the back of its own steam. Again there is an excellence on show with how the playing develops on ‘in The Back Of My Mind’. This is something that is commendably checked and the collective showing mirrors this in how the playing is concentrated. That in turn sees the urgency exacted in a prominent way by design.

They then capture something with ‘Blessings’ from the quickening turn that gives the showing a tightness in the subtle flitting between the taut to the more mainstream. This carries through in a way that piggybacks smartly on the momentum. Adding to the presence is the resonance of the guitar that hangs in the rhythm section. Everything on show is excellent in every regard and when they change the direction with ‘Don’t Say A Word’ nothing seems amiss. here the perforated styling of the vocals commands the opening even though things are slowed down. From that approach things build and it has a radio friendly showing all about it. But what is more worthy of note is how tight they are as a full band. Confirming this assessment is the hardened aspects which give it bite and they are carefully laid out in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the delivery as a whole with the lively side of the performance.

They enable a telling sense of maturity in the lyrics of ‘Fabric’ and this meets selectively with the sullen aspects. In how everything is placed there is an even sense to it all. It is developed on all fronts by the band which gives their stage presence a lot to bolster that appreciation. Closing things from the band was ‘Never Let You Go’. This sees a ska style merge with a latent calypso canter on the intro which then cuts out. When it does a steady demeanour resides over everything. The catchy lyrics flow with a dependability brought forth from how they are laid out. What the overall arrangement provides for here is laid out implicitly from how it is all structured.


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