FIONA LENNON @ The Twisted Pepper

Fiona LennonJust like Aine Cahill it was our first time to see this Mullingar artist, and we are rather familiar with how healthy the music scene is in the midlands with our travels taking us out that way to do some live reviews in the past. We are also familiar with other artists from that part of the country such as Peter Doran so we know that it is a promising scene with a lot of new acts emerging continuously. As to Mrs Lennon you sense that she is an artist comfortable with a guitar in her hand and she makes good use of the availability of the rhythm on her first song ‘Don’t Ever Lose Yourself’ and processes everything she can from it as an asset. There is an assertive sense of purpose to this built into the narrative that the lyrics brings and this furnishes the progression with a reputable showing. Her confidence might not necessarily be there but she does pick things up to suggest that this will come in time. Taking self-motivation as the key comes ‘Brand New Me’ and as the dalliance of the guitar comes through it also hangs in a resolute way. The emphasis on the lyrics adds more weight and suggests that she is still an artist finding her feet. What is also worth noting here is how the remedial traits give her approach a sense of resilience.

Next came ‘World At Your Feet’; and she shows an unquestionable ability to write good strong material, and this has a great deal put into the lyrics. That sees a strong emotive projection come to pass and comes from the source. As a result it sees the chorus account for a great deal in consideration to the context as a whole. Her final song was ‘Blank Canvas’. The guitar riff travels in a sharp way which procures an attractive weight that drags you in. It is quite a pleasing tune overall and the melodic charm is an additional turn which falls favourably upon it all. What also stands her delivery good stead are the dandy traits on show which play alongside this as a long player. As a long player, that is also something that all of her four songs had going for them here tonight. But in a good way.


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