ELEVATION FALLS @ The Twisted Pepper

Elevation FallsSporting an image that takes a leaf from the Tom Petty book was Elevation Falls, but they were about the music tonight and nothing else. Bring the best out of the grounded calling of their first track was ‘Lately’. In terms of texture it is a heavy affair but in the undertone there is a hint of Americana that tidily wiles away in the outline. That gives it a grounded sense of purpose along with the even and steady facets on show, but it also plays on the right side of rock also. ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ got the covers treatment before they furnished their set with the first live showing of new track ‘May You Be’. Even with the piano there is a fortunate progression in the outlay. That settles the bespoke features in a way that fixes the concise features with an ever present determination. It is this sense of maturity that provides well for it as much as the shared vocals do. There is a depth on show and the gravity of the gritty vocals of Hazel Jade Rogers is worthy of mention and could carry this one on its own. Which would be interesting to hear.

Their set then descended into a cover bonanza with one original sandwiched in between the three that came next. That was ‘Watching Over You’ which followed their version of Chris Issac’s ‘Wicked Game’. The original in question sees the band play to their strengths in how it calls on the rock sophistication. It is quite an amiable number that has a watchful consideration going for it as it all takes hold. This allows the compact moments to carry through in the right regard when they need to. The final two covers were ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ by Bruno Mars and ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac. Of the two the Rumours classic had a lot going for it. Elevation Falls 2


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