AINE CAHILL @ The Twisted Pepper

Aine Cahill

Our travels this evening took us to The Twisted Pepper for a night of live music from five artists on the Irish music scene. Getting tonight’s proceedings underway was promising Cavan artist Aine Cahill. She is an artist that we are very familiar with here at U&I and her debut EP ‘Paper Crowns’ taken the honour of being named Unsigned And Independent’s Best Irish EP of 2014. That opens with ‘The Pictures’ which suitably opened her set here tonight. What counts for a great deal here is the chord stricture as it allows the arrangement of everything to be explicitly framed. Adding to that is her voice and how it adds an add sense of feeling which evens out on everything. It is a powerful commodity in its own right and allows things to be taken away lyrically. On that point they capture a level of escapism all of their own right which you take to from how relevant their references become. A medley of ‘Young And Beautiful’ by Lana Del Rey meeting ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga suitably showed here musical influences.

Her third track in her brief set was ‘Black Dahlia’ and takes its inspiration from an episode of American Horror Story, which in turn takes its own inspiration from the real life account of one of the most famous unsolved crimes in American history. As to what the performance is all about here she seems to savour the goodness of the opening. As things progress you see how extensive her vocal range is here and it is something that she is incredibly comfortable with. From this there is a telling sense of depth conveyed and this matches her strong song writing ability in a way that brings noted comparisons with Adele. To close she delivered a track called ‘Honest Eyes’. This is an unreleased Lady Gaga track and here she brought an honest depiction to this which underlined what she is about as a performer in her own right.


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