A band who are firmly on the radar of everyone at the moment and they are a promising prospect as well for all the right reasons. There is a confidence in their sound that connects with the strength of their playing. Another thing that adds to the appeal here is the rough around the edges cut that they convey in their tracks yet on ‘DirtyBirds’ there is an unapologetic swagger to things that comes through defiantly. With the composure on show everything seems to fall into place deliberately. Yet they present everything with a knowing sense of focus that meets a productive level of ability that can only get better as the band produce more music. It is not just their tunes and the potential that are cause to get excited about here because they are also an accomplished band when it comes to showing how good they are live. Catch them while you can because they should have a promising 2015 ahead of them. Yet when you hear tracks like ‘Leave Without Me Tonight’ coming through you do have to sit up and take note. You also sense that they are a band who know what they are all about.


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