Plastic Girl in Closet comes to us via our Japanese music network. With how the J-pop styles is married to a latent shoegazer running manages to get the best out of the sound here. At the same time you appreciate the innovation at work. What you are presented with is a highly fashionable sound that has an engaging sense of momentum built into the tunes. Take ‘New View’ for example. Within the tempo is a highly conditioned sense of focus which cleverly keeps the tracking together from the offset. It is the handling, and how smart it is handled, that draws you in, There is nothing to any of this that hinges on novelty or anything that can be labelled as amateurish. Instead you see the fashionable side of things for what it all is – an in-depth approach to creating something on a musical level that stands up. Yet the indie style that meets the nouveau disco trappings is a rich affair in its own right.


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