RED EMPIRE @ Gigonometry

We have featured this band in our February issue and gave their current single ‘Deliver Me’ a well-deserved 9/10 in our singles reviews. We also saw them take part in an interview with SETV which was recorded downstairs from our office in The Chocolate Factory. All in all tonight we got to see what they can do as a live band for the first time. The intensity of the opening to ‘The Truth Of You’ absolves everything. The depth of the sound carries it through, while there is an evenness to the tempered feel that is present from the off here. Following a long lead on the intro we get to the intent of ‘Straightener’. What underlines this is the true way that it is all supported by the band’s live presence because they all come together in sync here. It is the maturity that gives third track ‘Late Into The Early Hours’ a stylish offering. This is highly attentive in a lot of the right ways. The approach shows in how the handling is pulled off because they cleverly progress how everything on show sounds here.

You are caught up in the catchy upbeat into that opens ‘Awkward Machine’. The promise shown on the intro gives it a celebratory kick that is carried off with a telling assurance. You now sense that they have their mojo working because their stage presence is now growing in stature along with what they are now calling upon from their music. They then add more to what has been on show before now with ‘Ballad Of A Raging Man’ and the patience here adds a telling virtue. With that certainty the passive showing begins to build. It then becomes a rather select offering as it steps out. What it then provides it all with is a telling sense of worth from a lyrical standpoint, but the highlight here is the guitar solo on the bridge. Current single ‘Deliver Me’ is featured in our February issue. There is a lot to admire in the piano arrangement and how it comes to fashion the tune with a calling. What is added in accordance brings everything full circle in the live context and extends the maturity of the song writing that has gone before it.

They add some synth to their sound with ‘Like Ritual’. This brings something impressive that gives the rhythm an immediate affluence that lifts it all. It also sees it all sit right as a tune on account of how carefully it is all worked. The intrinsic distinction comes across here and is suitably condensed with the consistency of how it all plays through. You pick up on how realised ‘Small Mercies’ is from the off because the edgier qualities add up. They provide well for it and you sense the band get behind it. This shows in how it is fronted. Yet in how it takes off there is both vigour and substance to be found, while the tidy beat of the drum is the icing on the cake here. Presiding over the opening on their final track ‘The Herat’s Last’ takes the lead musically. The gains allow the song to develop in a passive way. That approach in turn brings a noted sense of clarity as the impassioned vocals tellingly marry to the running. As closing songs go this one does it by the book because it left the audience wanting more.


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