Monster MonsterIt was our first time seeing this band and they are different alternative to what we would normally see on the Dublin circuit for their novel approach to the music. It shows in the opening of ‘Reckless’. As an opening song it has this fine salvo to it that brings a contentment through which it runs with. In doing so there are slight hints of jazz influences that ruminate in a controlled manner. That approach is then mirrored in the lighter showings of ‘You’re My Fix’. It is a tune that doesn’t necessarily have any upbeat qualities, but in saying that it is a more casual affair with a nuanced approach to the layout which accounts for that. So the lack of pace is by design you feel.

Again their knack for embracing a deferred touch shows on ‘Hostage’. Here the enamoured demeanour finds a calling. The subtleties abound favourably here in the carefree manner that they do. There is a reflective abandon to them found in the lyrics which enriches the showing here. When it comes to ‘My Corner’ they show they a band that play to their strengths with the fortunate calling of the vocals. It is a becoming effort that neatly comes together. The accountability from the piano as it hangs back along with the bass and drumming frame it in a forthright way. Something about the tracking looms large on ‘Hands’. It is a spacious effort that has sultry and suave characteristics to it all. The lyrics have a passing sophistication which bides neatly here and give it all a good pick-up when it gets moving.

‘Skin In The Game’ is a lithe number with a matching precision that cuts across. Again the underlying subtext provides it with a sense of gradual importance. How it is all placed adds to the effectiveness of the live performance here. Again there is a good motion to be found from the consistency of the intelligent lyrics. This is one of the points of prominence that stands out with ‘I Am Yours’. Here they contain the showy side of things while also embracing the emotive side in the consideration of their delivery. It is a smart and upright offering but with their final track ‘Assassin’ they cut loose. Following the sampling of ‘Bang Bang’ to lead it all in they demonstrate a true calling from how it is all done. There is then something explicit to how the play steps out that pushes them as a band but they are also quite comfortable with doing so. They should also try and develop more tunes like this because there is a happy dynamic to them on show here which suggests that they could find a niche in doing so.

Next up from the band is a gig on March 11th in Whelan’s for their single launch.


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