IMG_0057We took a Thursday night of live music in by attending the second Gigonometry of 2014. On tonight’s line-up there was Divide of Everything, Monster Monster and headline act Red Empire. Opening proceedings with ‘Feathers’, there is something lucid about the flow that suggests a lot about Divide Of Everything as a band. There is an opportune togetherness in the showing as it begins to pick up. That begins to bring a resilience through which the band hold onto with a deliberation that adds to their stage presence as they get more full on with the confident showing of rock as the track progresses. They then launch into a more direct number with ‘No Tears Left To Cry’. Here they get straight into things and the curt leaning that comes through in the running gives the tone something more engaging. It settles upon proceeding s but still manages to retain something in the compact showing that is brought to bear in the revelry. Next track ‘Subtlety’ has a hint of Counting Crows/Hootie And The Blowfish about it in the undertone. In the rhythm this gives the lighter tone something comforting. How those touches are rolled out is reasoned well in the relativity of the playing flourishes that present.

After that comes ‘These Four Walls’ and there is a bigger build on the intro. What this adds to the weight drops in and has a noted showing that sits squarely. This also sees the only track in their set that includes backing vocals. Again it has a sensibility to it all that offers something more developed in comparison to their other tunes. That is confirmed when the bridge comes to pass because the construction of the arrangement shows a high attention to detail in terms of how it is laid out. They again embrace a broader showing in terms of how ‘Trust’ harbours the playing details. This fits the rhythm around a balanced countenance. As it takes flight there is an unprecedented comfortability to be found in the unprecedented change in playing arcs and how they are accommodated here.Divide Of Everything

They go heavy again with the suitably titled ‘Forge’. The resilience to the drumming before the tempo surges through matches up with the resonance to be found in the guitar and how it is smartly angled as it comes through. The live showing overall on this one is a tidy affair from beginning to end. ‘Cisco’s Song’ sees a more progressive dynamic come across in the sound which shifts tellingly. By doing so they develop a formulaic calling in the sheltered feel and this in turn allows the darker derivative to creep through. They closed out with ‘Hammer’. Here there is a taut showing that carries the weight of the pace and it is all rather conclusive. There is a telling worth to be found in the grounded weight which leverages the build against the running in a precise way which gives it presence. Of their set list tonight this was one of the stand-out tracks in a rather fine set.


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